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A state of REST.

Project: TastyPie, Django REST Framework, django-nap

In the Django world there are currently two major REST API libraries, with a new one starting to take hold.

But how do you choose?

In this talk I plan to give details on how these three apps (TastyPie, Django REST Framework, and django-nap) differ, as well as overlap.

Curtis Maloney

Curtis fell in love with Python back in the days of v1.5, and has never looked back. When Django was open sourced, it completely obliterated the need for the project he was working on, and has consumed his mind since.

He currently spends so much time helping in #django on freenode, that there is a theory "FunkyBob" is, in fact, a team of people spread across the world.

Somehow, this does not detract from his work for CommonCode.