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Modules 101: how to avoid spaghetti, big balls of mud and houses of straw!

This introductory tutorial will teach you how to effectively use modules and packages so your code is easier to read, test, package, deploy, reuse and maintain.

We will cover the basics of structuring your code with modules and packages, ways of using the import statement, how to document modules and packages, and a number of tips to ensure your code is less likely to end up a tangled mess that collapses when you need to modify or extend it.

This talk is compatible with Python 2 and 3.

Graeme Cross

Graeme has a PhD in analytical chemistry and has been programming in Python since the mid-1990s. He works as a biomedical instrument developer for Planet Innovation in Melbourne and is an active member of the Melbourne Python Users Group.

Apart from designing cutting edge biomedical equipment, Graeme also loves trail running, cycling, music of almost every genre and raising three children.