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Python 102 - a recap and a bit more.

Project: Python language and library in general
Wiki Page: Python 102 - a recap and a bit more.

Self taught in Python? Think you missed a bit? This 90 minutes will fix everything. From a really quick recap of the bare-bones essentials, you'll get a good grasp and the core of Python. Want to know more about classes, objects and more? This is for you. Also suitable for beginners who need a quick start.
* Recap of the essentials
* Understanding the object model
* Everything you've ever wanted to know about dictionaries
* Building on types
* Creating your own types - Object Oriented Programming
* Important elements from the Standard Library
And lots of time for questions.

Peter Lovett

Peter Lovett has over 30 years paid programming experience, and has run computer language training courses since 1985. With this extensive experience comes a clear, precise and occasionally amusing delivery of clear programming techniques.