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Schemas for the Real World

Social app development challenges us to code for users’ personal world. Users are giving push-back to ill-fitted assumptions about their own identity — name, gender, sexual orientation, important relationships, and many other attributes that are individually meaningful.

How can we balance users’ realities with an app’s business requirements?

Facebook, Google+, and others are struggling with these questions. Resilient approaches arise from an app’s own foundation. Discover how our earliest choices influence codebase, UX, and development itself. Learn how we can use that knowledge to both inspire the people who use our apps, and to generate the data that need as developers.

Carina C. Zona

Carina C. Zona is a web developer and consultant. She has taught for Girl Develop It, Black Girls Code, RailsBridge, PyLadies, and RailsGirls. She served on RailsBridge core team and Women Who Code core team. She is also a certified sex educator. In her spare time, she engineers baked goods.