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Web testing for Ninjas with Splinter

Project: Splinter

Everyone knows that Testing is Good. But what about testing your web applications, javascript and all? Selenium is good but can be verbose and clunky. Kill off test bloat and make your tests elegant and deadly, with Splinter.

Splinter is a DSL for writing web app integration tests. It wraps Selenium Webdriver or Zope Testdriver, supports Javascript and AJAX, supports css and xpath selectors and provides a clean, easily read API.

In this talk we'll look at installing, configuring and using Splinter. We'll cover common tasks, selectors and executing javascript. Suitable for those new to selenium and those who are frustrated by it, this talk aims to get you interested and remove one of the excuses for not testing more.

Dylan Lacey

Dylan has worked as a sole developer, team lead, project manager and everything in between. Put on this planet with a need to make things, he works for Sauce Labs as their Ruby Evangelist, where he gets to help other developers make things as well... and he LOVES it.

When he's not yelling at his interpreter, spilling coffee dangerously close to his keyboard and littering his code with print statements, he games, cooks, and participates in a local Scout district, tricking young people into becoming cool adults.

He still can't fly.