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Testing for Graceful Failure with Vaurien and Marteau

So you've built an awesome webapp, put it through its paces, and assured yourself that it does what it's supposed to do. Great! Now how does it behave when things start to go wrong?

This talk will demonstrate how the Mozilla Services team tests for failure scenarios in our web services, focusing on two key python-based tools: Marteau, a web-based frontend for easily running load-tests and analyzing the results, and Vaurien, a misbehaving TCP proxy that can simulate a variety of backend failure modes.

Used together, these tools can help ensure that a web service will not only scale up to meet its expected demand, but will fail gracefully when it finally reaches breaking point.

Ryan Kelly

Ryan is a software developer who lives near Melbourne, Australia. He has been programming in Python for ten years and despite frequent sojourns into other languages, he has always returned to Python for its unique combination of expressiveness, readability and strong sense of community.

After trying his hand at contract development work, a small cloud-storage startup, and even some dabbling in academia, he now builds high-performance Web APIs for the Mozilla Services team.