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The life of a web request - techniques for measuring and improving Django application performance

Project: Django

The connection between sub-second web application performance and revenue is becoming more and more apparent with established companies regularly reporting the benefits of reducing page load times.

This talk will cover:
* Designing for performance
* Approaches to instrumenting and measuring application performance
* Areas of focus for both front-end and back-end improvement
* Techniques, tools and modules available in Django-land for improving performance
* New and emerging technologies, for example SPDY protocol and Django 1.5's StreamingHttpResponse

Roger Barnes

Roger is an experienced cross-functional software developer specialising in web application development and deployment across the entire application lifecycle.

He has run a web development business, been a key driver of internal enterprise deployments at a large enterprise software vendor, cofounded a tech startup in the travel industry and is currently doing Python-specific contract work.

A keen and constant learner, Roger has contributed to open source projects and communities as a user, advocate and speaker.