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Salt: How to be Truly Lazy

Project: Salt

In the immortal words of that modern day philosopher Homer Jay Simpson: "Can't Someone Else Do It?"

If you're too lazy to configure your own servers: let Salt do it for you. Salt is an open source configuration management tool like Chef or Puppet but written in Python using ZeroMQ.

If you're too lazy to login to your servers to run commands: let Salt do it for you. Salt is also a remote execution system. A single command run from the "master" salt server can call tens, hundreds, or
thousands of remote servers.

And if you're too lazy to install both an OS and Salt itself: let Salt do it for you. Salt Cloud can spin up new boxes for you in the cloud, install Salt on them, and introduce them to the "master" salt server.

Salty vagrants, masters, minions, states, pillars, grains, salt clouds, parallel execution: I'll attempt to touch on them all in this talk.

You can also be expected to be "assaulted" with a barrage of terrible salt themed puns.

Lex Hider

You can tell Lex knows a lot about computers as he has a beard. Lex has been a professional Python hacker since 2010. He's currently working with some interesting tech as part of the Data Science team at his day job with JBA. He also loves freedom. He lives in Melbourne, Australia, with his 12 disciples.