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Managing scientific simulations with Python with RQ (Redis Queue)

Writing scientific software in support of experimentation and simulation is a challenging task. It is even more challenging in cases where such software must be distributed across multiple machines. Existing methods for addressing this problem can require either significant effort to maintain and extend. Alternative approaches such as message queues can be incredibly difficult to install for novices.

This presentation will demonstrate a quick and easy approach to solving this problem using the redis-queue module. This approach makes it easy to make efficient use of multiple cores and multiple machines, with only minimal dependence on external packages.

Andrew Walker

Andrew is currently employed as a research scientist specialising in modelling and simulation of physical systems, and is currently working on a number of projects with a geometric bent. His background includes the completion of degrees in Engineering and Computer Science at the Swinburne University of Technology. With robotics being his first love, in 2011 he finished his dissertation on Hard-Real Time Motion Planning for Autonomous Vehicles.

Andrew lives in Melbourne with his wife and two beautiful daughters.