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Nobody Expects the Python Packaging Authority

Project: Python, pip, virtualenv, setuptools, distribute, distlib, pylauncher, distutils

These are interesting times for the Python packaging ecosystem, with the Python Packaging Authority (creators of the popular pip and virtualenv tools) emerging as the umbrella brand for a suite of related tools that will bring support for updated packaging standards to both the upcoming Python 3.4 and to existing versions of Python.

This talk will cover some of the history of Python's packaging tools and systems, where we are now, and where we aim to go in the future.

Nick Coghlan

Nick is a CPython core developer and a nominated member of the Python Software Foundation. He is the author or co-author of several accepted Python Enhancement Proposals (including PEP 343, which added the with statement and context managers to the language), and has also accepted a number of PEPs on Guido van Rossum's behalf.

Since June 2011, after more than 12 years in the aerospace and defence sector, Nick has been working on internal tools for Red Hat, and is now the development lead for Beaker, a full stack software integration and testing system.