PyCon Australia Sprints

Monday 8 July and Tuesday 9 July, 9am--11:59pm


In the Derwent Room. Morning and afternoon tea, and lots of coffee provided.

Help shape the future of Python! The sprints are a great opportunity to help contribute to projects that you use in your everyday Python work. Contribute fixes to bugs, plan and build new features, and start a lasting involvement with important Python projects.

For a project to run a sprint at PyCon Australia, a regular contributor to that project must be present at the sprints to act as a leader. We'll be putting out a formal call for sprint leaders in July, and will publish projects here as leaders sign on.

We are currently seeking sponsorship for the conference sprints. If your organisation is interested in making an active contribution to the development of open source software in Australia, see our sponsorship information page to get in contact with us.

Morning and afternoon tea will be served. For lunch and dinner hungry hackers are encouraged to go out or dine at one of the restaurants at the venue.

Photo credit: Richard Jones, 2011, CC-BY.

Sprint Projects

The following projects have been confirmed as having a presence at the sprints. If you're an established contributor to an Open Source project, and would like to lead a sprint, send the conference organisers an email at contact@pycon-au.org.

  • CPython (Nick Coghlan)
  • Django (Russell Keith-Magee)
  • Zookeepr conference management system (Joshua Hesketh)