OpenStack Miniconf presented by Aptira

WTF is OpenStack - Tim Serong

Despite (or perhaps because of) the volume of excellent OpenStack content at linux.conf.au 2013, a number of people came away not really knowing what this beast is. This talk should ensure the same doesn't result at PyCon Au.

Deploying OpenStack using OpenStack - Robert Collins

The tripleo project (https://github.com/tripleo/incubator) is working on deploying OpenStack clouds at scale using just OpenStack (baremetal hypervisor), Heat, and custom images. In this talk I can now cover the actual implementation status, which is (at the time of the CFP) actually doing useful things, though there is a long way to go to being production ready. I presented the overall problem at LCA 2013, and a repeat of that talk (lightly updated) at ODS (H). I could, if you'd prefer, reprise those talks (condensed, as I've been experimenting to find the best way to cover the scenarios and problem statements). I'd really like to share the fun we're having with actual code though - one cannot exist on high level statements alone!

How to extend OpenStack for your use cases - Mohammed Naser

OpenStack comes with a huge amount of features which allows most users to plug and use right away, however, in some cases, you may look to leverage your existing infrastructure which may not have code designed for it already. While the task of extending OpenStack sounds hard, it's a lot simpler than people think. We will go over the fundamentals of OpenStack and go over a small sample of how to extend the API to add a specific feature (OpenStack extension).

Nova v3 API - Christopher Yeoh

As part of the Havana development cycle we are planning on developing the V3 REST API so we can fix up problems with the V2 API that require incompatible changes. At the same time we intend to take the opportunity to also rework the framwork in Nova for extensions to avoid some of the ugliness such as requiring extension specific code in core code to get it to work and how we detect and load plugins. This talk will cover what is wrong with Nova extension code in Grizzly and how we are fixing it in Havana as well as some of the types of problems we are fixing with the Nova REST API in V3.

OpenStack on openSUSE - Tim Serong

An overview of where we're at with OpenStack development and packaging on openSUSE. This will cover our development/CI/testing process, and I'll also talk a bit about deploying OpenStack with Crowbar and Chef.

Testtools and Test Repository - the Python test frameworks OpenStack uses - Robert Collins

Come and get a whirlwind tour through testtools and test repository, the Python testing toolchain that OpenStack is adopting. As a core committer/founder on both projects, I offer an enlightening look at their features, roadmaps and what they can do for you as a developer writing code (for OpenStack or elsewhere). NB: I can happily talk to just one of these (e.g. just testtools and still use 25 minutes) - I have put a talk in about the subunit version 2 protocol development to the main conference; if that is accepted, talking about testtools here would make the most sense - testrepository will be touched on in the subunit v2 talk, as it was testrepository that provided the evidence about subunit v1 limitations.

Getting started with OpenStack development

People frequently ask how they can get started with OpenStack development. There's a process which needs to be followed, from setting up a launchpad account, to signing the CLA, to sending off you first patch with adequate testing. In this session Michael Still, a Nova core reviewer, will guide the audience through this process and send off a patch to a real bug in the Nova codebase, stopping to answer questions along the way. After the session attendees should know everything they need to about the OpenStack development environment to start sending off real patches.