Friday 5 July, 7PM (registration opens 6PM)

CodeWars PyCon AU 2011
CodeWars PyCon AU 2011

At the Wrest Point Boardwalk Gallery. Snacks provided, bar on site.

Entry fee of $10 for attendees who aren't registered for PyCon Australia 2013.

Help a Nigerian Prince discover a client's credit card number. Build a social network for rioters in London.

Seriously technical, seriously irreverent, and seriously fun. Teams at CodeWars compete against each other to solve technology problems that really matter. Starting with an open round, teams of up to four compete against each other for the right to progress to the final tournament. The semi-finals see one team competing against another to solve a problem - watch as they write their code on the big screen, and devise test cases to break their code.

The top teams from the semi-final progress to the grand final, where their product development skills will be put to the test. Solve a real problem, for real people, and pitch it to the gathered audience. The team that wins will be crowned CodeWars Champion for 2013.

We'll be supplying the snacks, and there's a well-stocked bar on site. So make this your opportunity to meet new friends before the conference, and crush your new-found opposition!

More Information

We'll be posting more about CodeWars, including the format of the competition here in the near future, so keep checking back!